View Full Version : Hows everyone's garden growing this year

22-07-19, 17:53
We've got herbs galore, spuds are being eaten, peas are almost ready, and a plethora of flowers and the pond went in earlier in the year which is being loved by the birds, bees etc..

23-07-19, 08:59
Yep the weather as certainly made a difference this yr my plants especially the fern as gone mad. Most of mine are in planters and pots cos can't to gardening but the fern and stuff that returns like bluebells every yr that's been there forever is lovely. Seems to be more bees this yr and birds. Never had much luck growing herbs but wish i could

27-07-19, 20:20
My garden seems to be doing the same as freedomeagle's as everything is going mad. I planted a buddleia last year that was about fourteen inches high when I put it in at the end of July and now it's over seven feet tall!

The tomatoes have already produced lots of fruit, the outdoor cucumbers are tall and flowering well, the courgette has lots of small fruit and the flowers are bright all over the garden. The only disappointment is my apple tree. I cut it back a bit last year but I should really have thinned it out, as it has grown well this year but hasn't produced fruit.

01-08-19, 11:32
They aren't grown enough. I just planted them 2 weeks ago. Need to wait a bit I think.

30-08-19, 09:05
They haven't grown enough and I think I need to wait few more days.

11-11-19, 15:38
The plants grow well when they are in the sun and when the soil you use is good.

13-01-20, 20:25
Our garden is beautiful considering it's winter now and the garden hasn't had much looking after lately. The roses got confused in November and started putting out buds... It was warm enough for roses to flower, but too cold and miserable for garden maintenance.

We now have 4 little Silkie bantams, three hens and a rooster as it turns out, which are fluffy little white chickens. They fertilize the lawn, but don't make the place into a muck heap either, the way the big Orpingtons we had before did. Just last month our bantams began to lay small, very rich-tasting eggs.

There was a lovely crop of tomatoes, but just as they began to ripen they came to an infuriating end when Dennis the Menace my nephew found all these glossy round things evidently longing to become perfect missiles to hurl against the fence. The entire crop, every last tomato, was pulverised, and then for good measure he threw the ripest ones into the trough.

04-11-20, 11:53
Does it need to be cleaned to prepare for winter?
We've never cleaned our ponds (a small reservoir for birds to drink at and a preformed pond) for winter. We let them develop their own ecosystems and left them to it.