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03-07-19, 19:48
Disabled due to a stroke aged 4

Can anyone help?

Today, I was told that my job in the finance sector was to be made redundant due to downsizing of the company. I have been employed since December 1999.

Can anyone advise me who to speak to regarding benefits and how to cope without my job. I like going to work but I feel I will struggle, I live alone and don’t get out much as I cannot walk very far. I get PIP and working tax credits which I believe will stop when I leave work.


04-07-19, 14:33
I was 'let go' from work for health reasons in 2011, it can take a while to readjust.

As you have been working then you should have enough NI credits to make a claim for 'New Style' Contribution Based ESA.
This is a government 'How to':

Your PIP will continue to be paid.

As you say WTC will stop, but can continue for 4 weeks after you stop work:

Unless you are already getting Housing Benefit then you may also need to consider claiming Universal Credit (as well as the CB ESA) if you need help with paying your rent.
(Whether or not you can claim UC will depend on if you have any savings or capital and if so how much).

Like I say it can be a lot to readjust to and I would advise that you contact a local advice organisation who will be able to see your details and finances and advise you what best to do next.
They'll also be able to advise you what you need to do to make a successful ESA claim.

You can find advice local to you by putting your postcode in here:

04-07-19, 21:46
Thank you, that is very helpful information