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20-06-19, 12:29
(Reposted in correct forum, sorry I was agitated and stressed when I posted this earlier in the wrong place)


I'm an autistic uni student with ADHD about to graduate and I need help working out my way forward. Basically I am restricted in what work I can do (ie. no more than 2 days in an office ideally from home on part time hours earning a full time wage. Also cannot drive/do manual jobs at all or relocate anywhere else for work at the moment) and I believe I need help from one of the two specialist government schemes that I can access when I can get on ESA. I also need to be in the support group as eing forced to apply for jobs that I can't do and see a stranger who may abuse me will cause huge stress.

Does anybody know where I can find extensive user reviews and experiences on either the Work and Health Programme and Specialist Employability Support programme? I can't find much at all especially on the SES I am really stressed and anxious about everything so I have not been able to research throughly. I can only find a leaflet produced by my local provider which I'm skeptical to trust whereas there's next to no info on SES on their site.

I also can't access Citizens Advice as my parents won't drive me there (they don't think I need their advise because they don't believe what is really happening at the DWP) and cannot get there myself or access them in any other way (can't use the phone and can never get through on their chat).

Can anybody help please? I'm really scared and I don't have much support offline and this is making my anxiety worse.

Thank you.

20-06-19, 14:05
I had replied in your other post, I'll repeat it here.

You can self-refer to the Work and Health Programme, you don't even have to be claiming benefits, just ask at a Jobcentre.

But I'm not sure that it is what you are looking for at all, and think it may probably not be suitable for you if you have problems engaging with others.

The WHP is fairly new so there are not many reports about it yet, indeed I don't think there are many on it other than long-term jobseekers who have been mandated (forced) to do it.
It's a two-year course, just like the old Work Programme that it replaced.
If it's anything like the old Work Programme (which it seems to be) then I'd say don't touch it because it would not be suitable for you at all.

I don't know about the SES but that seems to be more like the Access to Work scheme, much more intensive than what you are looking for.

I think that what may suit you best at this stage is volunteer work, and as you can't easily get out then volunteer work from home.

There are several websites where you could look for this type of work, here's just a few:

I doesn't really matter where you make a post, It will get read and answered anyway.

(PS. I also replied in your third post telling you how you can delete them).

20-06-19, 14:57
Thanks for getting back to me, nukecad.

I can engage with others but I would get exhausted after a while and struggle to function well. So it would need to be in moderation. That said, I will avoid the Work and Health Programme because it sounds exactly like the kind of thing I am dreading having to do.

As for the deleting thing, no such option for deleting exists when I go in the editor and the closest thing I can see is that I can close the thread. It's not mentioned in my posting permissions at the bottom of each page either.

20-06-19, 15:56
You have to be editing a post that has already been made to see the delete option.

If I remember I'll post some screenshots when I get back home.

Yes you can close threads that you have started, so that no more posts can be made there.
It's not something that you should normally do though, it's not polite to block others from answering.
But in the case of duplicated threads you could use it so you don't get answers in two different places.
I've used it a couple of times on my 'sticky' information posts just so they stay clear of distractions.

21-06-19, 12:45
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