View Full Version : An update for 2019.. So far

04-05-19, 17:59
As @336jreggae requested an update.

Much happening.. We've now got more plants, from cuttings, social media, friends, discounted plants.. I'm loving Morrisons and Aldi right now..:) 2 lots of spuds planted..

AND a pond.. The remains of a garden trolly, neighbours of our friends removed the frame and wheels, so its now ready to be positioned.. Got to get this right.

This weekend its our Transition Town plant sale.. Crates of plants donated, and no doubt we'll return with more... Tis the season of Open Gardens, plant sales, and Gardeners World Live
Will try and post some photos:) Flowerbeds have been mulched, Mini greenhouse is teaming with plants..

We're using the No Dig principle for most and lots of ideas from a couple of gardening groups on Facebook:)

09-06-19, 16:28
Looks really nice, congratulations!

11-06-19, 10:55
Well, the weather in Manchester has turned a bit damp today. However , yesterday I had some assistance to pot a number of flowers to dress up the patio area. It's now more inviting to sit outside when the sun has its hat on!

11-06-19, 11:01
I had to resort to slug pellets last weekend. I had put some bedding plants in earlier in the week and within a couple of days only skeletons remained. Put some more in as replacements plus slug pellets. I object to forking out money to feed those slimy creatures.
Meanwhile the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse are coming on great guns.