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03-05-19, 14:52
It feels a bit as if I'm being exterminated! A long time in a job I really enjoy, but been off sick too long. They are sending me a letter, and I'm not expecting more than the statutory PILON plus outstanding holiday pay.
I feel like I've been thumped, badly thumped too.
I know others must have been through this too, but it all feels a bit surreal.

03-05-19, 18:28
From your last post, you said that you failed a WCA in December 2018.
Did you follow that up with a MR and appeal?

The first thing I would say to anyone who is dimissed on medical grounds is to realise where you are and cut your spending.

Been there, done that, run the overdraft to the limit and there is no way to get it back down again.
So the bank now (legaly) takes a chunk of my benefit before I can take it out an ATM.

09-05-19, 09:53
My MR was successful, phew.
The termination deal is the minimum statutory amount, 12 weeks pay in lieu of notice plus accrued hols. Reported to DWP, but I am going to appeal the decision. Psychologically, for me anyway, better to be in work nominally, than unemployed.
I have already cut back on living expenses - I did that as soon as I went to half pay, and before zero pay, reviewing all direct debits. I felt bad about stopping regular charity donations, not so bad about cutting back on magazine subscriptions. I also went SIM card only for phone plus found much cheaper deals on insurance and energy etc. I never really had the time to review all the outgoings previously.

09-05-19, 12:18
Having your job ended on medical reasons can be a blow, mainly to your esteem, but it's not the end of the world.

You've usually not been going into work anyway, so it's not much of a daily change to your routine.
(Unlike retirement which is a sudden stop and you wonder what you are going to do all day now).

After my dismissal on medical grounds it did take me a while to accept that I was now no longer capable of holding down a job (no matter what the DWP may think).

And it's taken a few years for me to be comfortable with refering to myself as disabled, which can bring a few odd looks from people who don't know me because mine's an 'invisible' disability.

Good to hear you are one of the few who had a sucessful MR, and of course you can use your termination as new evidence for the next WCA.

Best wishes going forward.

09-05-19, 20:52
Thank you. I do feel quite weird about it all.
And I'm trying to see how PILON will affect my CB ESA, another hurdle to limp over!