View Full Version : Its all starting up

17-02-19, 17:30
Tete a tete are more or less in full swing, Hellebores are looking magnificent (although they have aphids on the flowers, apparently Hellebore aphids are a 'thing') Snowdrops are great, some seeds sown, and plans to increase fruit trees and shrubs and sizes of borders.)

Image is some 'marble like' hailstones around sedums.

17-02-19, 17:44
Yes, I need to get into my garden and start tidying up now plants are coming to life. I have some bulbs to remove that came up blind last year and I couldn't remember which they were. They are up again so will remove them whilst I can still see them.
Not been well so nothing has got done but feeling better now so will have to have a go this week when I have a day appointment free.

04-07-19, 09:26
I am impressed! Very beautiful!

17-09-19, 08:42
The Pics are Amazing.