View Full Version : I think I'm being bullied at work by another member of staff.

07-10-12, 16:30

I have been working in my current employment for over 4 years without any major problems. I only started to have problems just before christmas last year.

Basically I was sitting in the staff canteen with my friend when the employee in question butted into our conversation. He started to talk about taking illegal drugs on the company premises. We did not want to hear any more about this and we asked him to leave us alone.

After my break was finished I went and told my manager about what this guy had said to us because it was not an appropriate thing to be talking about at work. She noted the incident and the employee was given a written warning, given a drugs test and his locker and vehicle were searched, as is company policy. I work in a supermarket and this is necessary as staff have access to a lot of dangerous heavy equipment (e.g. Roll Cages, Fork Lifts). This policy is also to prevent staff theft.

Since then it has emerged that the employee has a mental illness which is not a problem. But this guy is going round telling people that I have Aspbergers Syndrome and that I am making all of this up. Also he won't leave me alone. Every time i bump into him he shouts " No hard feelings Caitriona" as If I was telling lies. Then just last week he turned up late for his shift and said that I was following him! I have better things to do with my life than follow him.

How can I stop this?

08-10-12, 09:34
It is not a problem for me that this guy has a mental illness because I have quite a lot of friends who have mental illness problems and I get on with them really well. When I told them about this they aggreed with me that I had done the right thing in informing my boss.

What I said to my boss that day was true, I would have no reason to lie about it.

The friend that also heard this conversation has since left the company but she did back me up.

08-10-12, 11:58
Sorry to hear your problem.
As it is on record that he has been given a warning already stands in your favour. If he is going around making comments about you then you must report it and preferably with someone who is willing to say they have heard him saying it.
Maybe it would be an idea to ask for a meeting with a manager and for him to attend to try and resolve this issue amicably.

15-11-12, 07:37
Yes, these kind of problems are irritating. Try to avoid that man. People with mental illness sometimes behaves irationally and it continues for a longer period. But once they are diverted, they will forget that.

15-11-12, 11:27
Well if you don't like what is happening to you it could be considered to be bullying or harassment.

See if you can meet to speak to someone from Human Resources. And see if there are any courses being run on assertiveness so you fully understand your rights at work - well worth it.

Here's an idea as to what they are about