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15-09-12, 09:45
I have started working few weeks ago. It is a desk job. The chair I have is a computer swivel chair with wheels and arm rests. Being overweight with back and lower limb problems I am uncomfortable with this standard chair. Plan to have a chat with the person who orders office furniture to see if he can get me a special chair.

Was wondering if anyone here has a desk job and if they asked for a special chair what were they given, which company supplied it etc.


15-09-12, 10:05
If the company won't fund one for you try access to work at Job Centre + as they help with suitable adaptations such as office furniture.
Sorry can't help you with a supplier.

09-10-12, 01:21
I don't work in an office but I am a checkout operator which does involve doing a lot of heavy lifting whilst sitting down.

My company had to pay over £700 to get a chair made for me. Access to work gave them a list of suppliers but the company had to pay for it themselves. There are grants available for the self employed and small companies. I work for one of the big four supermarket companies and £700 is like a drop in the ocean to them, so they can afford it.

The only thing about the access to work scheme is there is a very long waiting list. I had to wait for a year and a half before someone came out to assess me.

09-10-12, 08:36
Access to Work is a self referral section of JobcentrePlus. If you don't call them direct nothing happens. You would have had an ergonomic assessment from an independent assesser within a month.

Access to Work no longer supply ergonomic chairs due to cut backs. They expect your company to pay for them.

A simple solution to your problem could be a lumbar support cushion as you already have an ergonomic chair. Or a foot rest.

Good luck.

09-10-12, 09:22
I think it depends on where you live for A2W waiting times and grants. Its amazing how much of a minefield it is to apply for things like this in different parts of the UK. In one part of the UK it can be easy and another it can be really difficult.

Here in Northern Ireland A2W is run by the Department Of Work and Pensions. The Job centre is run by the Social Security Agency which is a totally different department. So getting into things like A2W can take a lot longer.