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20-01-19, 11:56
Hey, I've just posted about a few of the disability aids that Active Hands has in the 'Ask a question about equipment' section of this forum. But then I noticed this topic so thought I'd just mention that they also have a few disability aids for any aspiring gardeners who may struggle with grip or hand function (like me)!

There's a trowel: https://www.activehands.com/product/trowel/

A Cultivator: https://www.activehands.com/product/cultivator/

And an arm cuff to give you a firmer hold: https://www.activehands.com/product/arm-cuff/

I use all three of these when working on my potted plants that sit on the decking at the back of my house, and they do make things much easier and stop you having to rely on others constantly.

Hope this can be of use to some people!

18-02-19, 11:48
And if you can't find quite the right piece of gardening equipment for your needs, try Remap. We are a charity and can make you a bespoke piece of equipment to meet your needs, free of charge. Find us at https://remap.org.uk

26-03-19, 09:46
The Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1716015725371523/
Gardening for Health Chronic Illness and Disability is pretty good for networking resources.

Worth checking out:)