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31-08-12, 14:05
Hi I was wondering if any of you have had evercome across this type of issue:

I have a physical disablity which means if my Carer is ill I cannot get out of bed and dress and get to work. Now whilst I am able to work from a laptop my line manager is not happy with this. I know if you have caring duties some employers allow you to claim special leave. If I am not allowed to use a laptop would I be reasonalbe to claim Special leave? Any ideas

31-08-12, 15:53
Good question.

I think special leave is complicated. Initially you may be asked to put it down as Annual Leave then your application will go to assistant director level to approve after discussion with your line manager.

You may also only be granted a small number of days off as special leave.

Check this out

My Manager used to allow me to work from home (put down as in work) during slippery snowing conditions otherwise I'd be spread eagled across the car park after a fall.. Mind you I had access to my works emails at home and could use my computer to progress work.

Sickness monitoring - make sure any special leave is added to a database as that and not as 'sick' otherwise when they look for people to make redundant the first thing they look at is your attendance record.

I'm afraid it all depends on howwell you get on with your manager as to how they interpret your individual situation.

01-09-12, 09:06
its a complicated thing. there must be something in place for this. do you have a carer as in family. or from an agency? as if its from an agency they must send someone else to cover the shift. also id seek advice from an advocy agency and your disability employment advisor who can explain everything to you, and help support you in this. the advocacy agency can help you with your line manager/ or boss of the place you work, to explain your condition, and how it affects you getting into work. i dont see why you cant work from home on these days if you cant get out of bed because no ones there to help you. it may also depend on the type of work you do and there particular attendance thingy. some give you paid leave if your working from home, marked as in just not in the building. and other plkaces tell you you must use your annual leave and or flexi time. as light touch said, the first thing employers look at when getting rid of people is attendance and how well you do your job. so make sure its noted that its your carer thats sick and not you. good luck and hope it all works out for you:)

11-01-13, 14:32
Thanks Lighttouch, I have been ordered a laptop to work from home with and will take the advice on Sickness monitoring. I have good relationship with managers but no one is indespensible these days I always remember that too.

11-01-13, 17:25
If you ca take the laptop home and work from there then it would be considered a normal working day.

Also have a word with your 'Corporate' Lotus notes team (or team that deals with email access via your manager. The team can set you up so you can enter the organisations email system through a 'Portal' from your home laptop.

A few winters back I was snow bound in 6 inches of snow and surrounded by ice. I was able to carry on working at home for two weeks - it was great. At the time I was on a big project but could still keep in touch with clients using my phone, emails and Skype. Luckily my home computer had the same software packages on it as at work.

If anyone argues about these privileges' they are known as 'reasonable adjustments'