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Capt billabong
31-08-18, 13:30
In a nutshell I have been out of work for 22 yrs, claiming esa and flat which changed to PIP.

I have done volunteering work, all with the approval of dwp as permitted work, so now I have passed two interviews for a full time job and will declare it if I am to get the job.

My question is will this effect my pip as there will be adapted work station for me due to my disability.

Many thanks in advance


31-08-18, 16:15
PIP payment is not affected by working, many people with PIP work.

ESA will stop if you are working more than 16 hours or earning more than £125.50/week.
Housing Benefit and Council Tax relief will probably stop, talk to your council about that because all have different rules.
In particular they may continue to be paid for up to a month after you start work.

You may be able to get some other help, such as Access to Work to help pay for adaptations, or to pay for your journey to/from work:

Of course the fact that you are working may have some influence next time you are up for reassessment, having workplace adaptations may actually be in your favour there.

Good luck with the job.