View Full Version : Leaving work temporarily because disability - tax question?

03-05-18, 17:36

I'm going to be taking the next few months off work while I recover from an accident I had outside of work resulting in me shattering the bones in my left leg, leaving me unable to do my normal job as a part time carer. I've been put on SSP until I return but I'm struggling to cope with the lack of money coming in. This tax calculator (https://www.income-tax.co.uk/) says I'm at 60% of my normal wage after tax is taken off. I don't want to get into using credit cards or loans because that'll make a bigger problem than it will solve, so I was wondering if there was any temporary benefits I could get, or will I just have to budget myself accordingly?

Thanks in advance

03-05-18, 20:03
You may be able to claim Income Support whilst claiming SSP, see the following:

I would also contact your council regarding Housing Benefit if you pay rent (this may be Universal Credit depending on where you live) and/or Council Tax Relief, both on grounds of low income.

SSP is payable by the employer for 28 weeks, when you are close to this limit they give you a form SSP1 to say they have reached the limit of what they have to pay and you then use this to make a claim for ESA.
(If you have not been working long enough to have the required NI contributions for ESA then you may have to claim Universal Credit instead, depending on where you live).