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26-06-12, 21:59
Hi there,

My fiance is disabled from a genetic condition called Norrie's disease. He has been blind since birth and has a progressive hearing impairment for which he wears hearing aides.

He has been employed in the public sector since he completed his degree, at first full time and then more recently 4 days a week due to problems with his health. He has had to have a lot of time off sick unfortunately, due to intermittent severe hearing loss which can last for 2-3 days and causes him total isolation.

We have been living apart (he lives in Wales, I live in south east England) for a year and a half. He has been applying for jobs near me for the last 6 months with no reply, no letters in response, no emails. we did try to find me a teaching post in Wales, but they are like gold dust and all the Welsh teachers are getting jobs in London as they can't find a post.

So we came to the difficult decision that he would hand in his notice and move in with me. I feel terribly guilty even though, it makes sense as I earn far more and have total job security whereas he doesn't. However, I am concerned that he won't ever get a job again now, with the severity of his disabilities and his absence record.

I feel that he has made this momentous decision because of me, but at the same time, we are getting married next February, and what was the alternative? Be a married couple that lives far away from each other?

As he has given up his job, he also won't be entitled to any additional benefits etc. Will the disability officer at the Job Centre plus even help us, or are we on our own because of what we have done?

He would be happy with part-time, even one day a week, but it's unlikely I know. I feel very worried!

29-06-12, 18:23
Well what a love story - I'm jealous!!

Forget about the medical side of your fiance's disability as society sees disability from the 'social model'. In other words your fiance cannot help having impairments so society will help remove disabling barriers to work through supplying equipment or a PA to assist.

You know having a disability and handing your notice in eg 'resigning' can be financial suicide as he will not be eligible for any benefits like income support for a year I believe. However he can still keep his DLA. But if he is moving in with you he won't worry about rent, council tax etc. The Public Sector is sheading jobs not taking people on unless they require specialist. In fact there will be a jobs freeze to save money. Most Councils will also have offered voluntary redundancy packages. If he takes one of these he will not be able to work for a council for two years.

So what are his options. Well if I was i his shoes I'd take your offer up and move to your place - it's easier to find work locally than from 170 miles away!
Second. His only chance of a job is to get a 'temporary part time post' OR a short term post through a placement agency. Phone up your local council and ask to speak to central HR. Ask them which 'recruitment agency' they engage - this will at least give you a guide as to who he should sign up with.

With you living in the South East there will be more job opportunities. He might even look to the '3rd sector' eg charities.

As he has sensory and hearing impairments it's important that he gets in touch with 'Access to Work' for aids and adaptations to the workplace as he would need specialist computer software like 'Super Nova' (if he uses a computer - which I'm sure he does), fares to work, an assistant etc

I've got loads of creative ways that he could find work local to his new home - always look on the bright side. Don't feel worried - I just need facts about him. Send info to youreable.forum@dlf.org.uk and ask them to forward it to me and I'll check out my networks.

07-08-12, 19:20
Thank you for replying.

There was a redundancy package offered about 3 months before we met, nothing at the moment, so he has now handed in his notice, finished last week and is moving in with me in 10 days.

I am reassured by what you say about the Job Centre.

His own HR recommended looking at the wider public sector such as the police and the probation service but as you say no-one is recruiting unless they can't avoid it.

I think we won't know until we start! I still feel very worried about it, and how isolated he may end up being during the day when I am at work.

07-08-12, 22:16
Well I think it's great that he's moving in with you.

I don't know if your partner has a guide dog to help him be as independent as possible. Sometimes you can ask guide dogs for the blind to train the dog to walk local routes to the local shops, bus, library - might be worth investigating.

Has your partner ever got involved with 'Access Audits' of the built environment as his life experiences would be so valuable.

I'd check out the local leisure centre too as I'm sure your partner might like to swim great exercise and a social gathering too.

Let us know how your partner gets settled - it's a new exciting challenge - that's the way to look at it.