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15-06-12, 09:18
I will return home at the end of July and would like to start some sort of gardening project in August. But I have never done any kind of gardening/landscaping. I have no idea what kind to buy and plant. I am completely clueless.

We live in Kansas were we experience all 4 seasons. It gets quite windy in our area. The front of the house is facing the south.
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15-06-12, 12:37
I think probably the best thing to do is find out what kind of soil you have, is it dry clay like or chalky and sandy. Different plants like different conditions. If you do not or can not bend to the floor easily then consider raised beds and pots, this is what I do and that you don't need to worry about your soil as you can get the right compost to fill your pots.

Then visit a few garden centres and see which plants and shrubs you like best, read the labels, write the names down and even take pics then you can decide if they will thrive in your garden and if you like them. Search on the net for more info on the ones you like and even cheaper to buy online sometimes. Don't rush into buying just because you like the colour for example, it may well die. Take time to research and come up with your own style.

If you find some plants you like and need any help please just ask and I will do my best to help.

happy gardening

Niki xx

08-07-12, 10:56
See it your area has a local horticultural society. Folks there are usually most helpful to offer advice:)

11-02-13, 19:52
Hi, This isn't a new post, you may have already begun to garden. I wouldn't get to exacitng. When the weather is starting to warm up, soften the soil where you plan to work. If you wish to you can start plants inside, in a sunny window and plant them when there is no chance of frost outside. If you start from seed, get a few packages of seeds that seem interesting, as the plants grow you will get a wonderful suprise with flowers and veggies, what ever you choose. You can then correct you ground to suit plants that you see would like things a little different. On the net you can check into the needs of each plant. Have a great time.


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19-02-13, 21:48
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22-02-13, 00:06
I would start with pots and easy to care for plants.Look online or source books from the library

17-06-13, 10:57
To start gardening, you must have strong desired. If you have so, then other things will be easy. What I think is that you can start with the some fruits and flowers trees. But if you do it professionally, then you can take help from the experienced person who has done this kind of task before.

08-05-14, 19:04
Grow what you love to eat, if your in a windy area you might want to have some sort of porus windbreak, either living or netted.
Consider perrenial fruit and veg in addition to regular crops.
Avoid pesticides if at all possible. Soil needs to be healthy, just like the human body it needs bacteria and fibre to function properly