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25-01-18, 15:05
Hi everyone,

My name is Dougie Mann, a postgraduate Innovation Design Engineering student from Imperial College London. Under my supervisor, Aran Dasan, I am beginning a project on design for disability. I have undergone a lot of reading and research, but am struggling to properly connect with the thoughts, feelings and problems that people with an impairment live with.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer some of their time to share their experiences with me, and are happy to just chat about their everyday life. Whether you have a visual, audial, physical or any impairment at all, please do contact me. Or even better, if you are London based, it would be great to chat over a coffee and get to know you.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Kind regards,

25-01-18, 17:40
A good start would be to read through some of the threads in the "News and General Discussion" section here.

You should be able to gauge from the titles which ones are dealing with everyday feelings and problems, although these kinds of discussions can pop up in any thread on here.

26-01-18, 08:52
And a good start would be to tell us more about the "design for disability". Bit vague mate? Whats your remit? Have you ever known any disabled people? If not you led a very sheltered life!