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31-05-12, 21:54
Im sure ive heard someone talking about gardening grants but dont know if i may have been dreaming it...
Is there any such thing?
Im asking cos I could REALLY do with a bit of help, both financial and physical, to get our back garden sorted.
Weve lived in this house a while now but have done NOTHING with the garden (apart from mow the lawn) mainly cos its HUGE and i dont know where to start but it needs A LOT of work doing ie digging, returfing, a couple of skips to get rid of all the stones and rcks weve got (the previous tenant worked in a quarry and i think half of it ended up in the back garden!)
The lawn is ok but is full of craters like the moon!
My parners obviousley limted to what he can do and i cant do it myself. We have had offers of help but ive no tools and no spare cash to buy any either.
compared to my neighbours gardens, im like a thorn between 2 roses!!!
i just want a nice garden where we can relax, maybe invite friends over for a bbq but mainly for the kids...
any ideas? or some tips?

sea queen
02-06-12, 16:27
Hi my friend is in a similar situation the L/A will mow the fronts but not the backs. She is now saving and is going to have a small patio area laid and the rest meshed with gravel/stones on. She then plans to buy one or two tubs for flowers. All takes time to save I know - but worth it in the end.

08-06-12, 09:20
This charity may be able to help. You do have to be a member to apply for a grant though.

15-06-12, 12:44

I am not sure where you live, in the UK? You can contact the local probation service who work with young offenders, nothing scary or anything just kids who've gone a bit astray and you can ask them to pop you on a list to send a team round to help clear your garden and do some general maintenance. It is free and they are supervised at all times so no need to worry. They do a great job and it keeps these kids out of trouble. It is worth a try :)
Niki xx

17-06-12, 21:21
Hi, Havent been on here for a while but thanks for the tips, i will give them a try and see what happens