View Full Version : If you use a wheelchair, do you have/use another mobility aid?

16-11-17, 16:08
Hi guys!

My name is Christian Churchman and I study Industrial Design (MEng) at the University of Liverpool. My supervisor is Farnaz Nickpour, I am currently doing my final year project on mobility aids. Basically, I'm designing and creating a foldable/collapsable walker to fit in/on a wheelchair. I'm currently at the research stage and need some statistics, one of these statistsics is: What percentage of wheelchair users also use a walking aid (anything form a cane to a zimmer frame).

So I've decided to make a poll here! This is the best forum I've found and thought it would be a good start.

If anyone knows any statistics on this or can help me out it would be hugely appreciated!


16-11-17, 22:31
Wheelchairs and walkers can collapse. I can only use one at a time. I9f using a wheelchair that's all I need. Some people who can walk with assistance ould stand and walk behind the wheelchair as a walker.

Generally wheelchairs are needed for distance/ I like to use a walker at home only to get around my home.

20-11-17, 11:23
Collapsible walkers exist but LT has a point, your unlikely to want both at the same time. I take my collapsible stick with me in a bag on the back of the wheelchair. Just depends on where I'm going and I may have to walk short distance from chair to whatever, IF the chair will not fit.