View Full Version : Still a fair bit going on in the garden, slowly

11-11-17, 18:22
A bit late for a lot of things, but still gradually working on it.

I've acquired a lot of cuttings, including fruit bushes which I hope I can overwinter, planning and prep for next year and resisting the urge to purchase stacks of bulbs or plants I haven't prepared ground for. We now have some help in the garden regularly, which is making a lot of difference with the heavier work and moving stuff. It seems next week we're actually going to start getting proper frosts here in the Midlands.:)

Also got involved in a local group thats going to be running a seed swap next year, the things I get myself into , but free stuff is all good fun, even if you never really know what you might get :D

Keep warm, happy gardening for next year.


12-11-17, 10:47
My hedge had grown in size so it was over 6 feet tall and three feet wide. Pedestrians were having to walk on a narrowing pavement and a blind ladies guide dog had to take her on the road to pass it! I had to get a tree surgeon in to lop off a foot in height and width. Now the hedge is just bare branches so it'll probably take a year before leaves grow back!

Micklemos Daisies. I put some clumps in my sunny border last spring and by Autumn they were in a mass of flowers. The flowers have now finished but what I'd like to know is should the stalks be cut back to the base now or should I wait for spring.

22-11-17, 17:50
They can handle some pruning:)


23-11-17, 10:47
Yes you have to keep hedges trimmed back if its affecting passersby! I was "attacked " by an ivy, which was by an unfortunate raised slab, it got hold of the joystick and would not let go!! They grow back, so be tough, or it'll end up blocking the light in your home.