View Full Version : Looking for people to help with a documentary about Personal Independence Payment

30-10-17, 13:09
Dear Sir/Madden

My name is Richard Smith. I am a 3rd year Media Production student at Coventry University. I am 21 and have a mild form of Autism. Up until last year I calimed what was called then Disabled Living Allowance (DLA), however when it was changed to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) I got reasseased and unfortunately I lost of my benefits, despite going to a tribunal this year to get it back, the decision wasn’t reversed. The reason for appealing was because I felt the assessment didn’t covered all my difficulties nor did I feel they were taken into account.

I am currently developing a documentary about the PIP assessment process and the effects that losing it has on peoples lives. and I am looking for people to interview who like me have had their PIP application denied. The interview dosen't have to take place on camera if you would rather keep your identity a secret then we do a phone interview and I will leave your details out.

I understand that I am asking a lot of anyone who would be interviewed as they would be talking about a rather difficult and sensitive time in their lives. I can promise I will treat you with the upper most discretion and be 100% transparent with you all the way. I’m not doing this documentary just because its a university project, I’m doing this because its an issue I'm personally affected by and I think it deserve’s to be highlighted.

If you do agree to participate in the documentary then the first step would either organizing a face to face meet up or then telephone call so we can discuss what I would need in detail and the logistics of setting up the interview.

Production starts in late January exact dates to be confirmed but I would need a response by mid December so we arrange things. Anyone who would consider taking part can contact me on my email smithr68@uni.coventry.ac.uk or on my account here.