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24-08-17, 07:57
We will be starting to display relevant and contextual ads on the Youreable forum very shortly.
We have recently updated the forum and have plans to upgrade the forum in future, adding more features and functionality. While Youreable is free to its members, running the forum does incur administrative costs and we’ll be using the revenue created from our advertising to maintain the general upkeep and development the forum.
If you have any comments or feedback you can email us at: youreable.forum@dlf.org.uk

24-08-17, 11:14
Most forums have some advertising these days, some more than others.

Some sites only show advertising to guests, you don't see it when you are logged in.
Other sites show advertising all the time.

As long as it's not too intrusive then I don't see a problem.

Note to Admin-
From experience there are two things I personally would avoid.

Advertising 'posts' that break up the flow of a thread. (Or at least only show these to guests and hide them from logged in members).
'Contextual advertising' software such as "Skimlinks" that changes words in members posts into advertising links.
In the past I've found that the links they provide are hardly ever relevent to the post, or even to the forum content as a whole.
They just search the text for any word that could be possibly, even remotely, related to what they have to advertise that month.
(As an example, we once put skimlinks on an AutoCAD technical forum and it started adding links for toys, furniture, and even food shopping into technical discussions. We soon took it off again).

This vBulletin based site has an acceptable balance of advertising and content in my opinion.

I note that it's already started on here, advert at the right side of the first post on every page.
That seems fair enough to me.

24-08-17, 17:10
The browser plugin 'Adblock Plus' seems to be functioning successfully then:) I see no adverts.

What I do object to is the aforementioned skim link adverts (we get these a lot on some other forums/social media groups) which promote the sales of illegal treatments, and dubious products.

24-08-17, 17:43
I also sometimes use Adblock (not Adblock Plus, they are different programmes).

You don't see the actual adverts, but do see white space where they would be.

I don't mind advertising, you have to pay for the forum somehow. The main advantage of Adblock for me is faster page loading times on advert heavy sites, especially the ones with animated or video ads.

PS. Did you know that with Adblock Plus you can get a plugin that also blocks the 'this site uses cookies' notifications? It's called "prebake".
Although I use "I don't care about cookies" to do that job.