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11-05-12, 13:20
Hi,I have been in contact with the ESA with regards to moving from the working group to the support group (this started in April 2012). The first answer was that my case should have been assessed in 2010 Then a phone call today to say that I need to be reassessed. My question is WHY did they not reassess this in 2010. I have had a triple anurism, then kidney failure now I have trouble walking. I saw a medical professional in Feb of this year who concurred my situation was horendus. Any help would be grateful

12-05-12, 01:43
I was forced by jsa to move onto esa last october and have still not been assessed. when i contacted esa last week they panicked to get an atos form to me, resetting their computer it is a new esa claim, leaving me without benefit due yesterday. they also failed to pay my mortgage on april 26 so now i am in arrears. there is a serious problem at esa. i have serious health problems and should be receiving full esa, but the onus seems to be on us to have to chase after esa all the time to do their job. i now have to wait for another month to see atos then will have to fight for backdated benefits after the 13 week time limit which was up last january. i have spoken to cab about it and they are helping.

15-05-12, 11:24

Not many people come into this part of the forum. You maybe better asking in the Benefits forum instead.