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28-07-17, 16:30
I'm sure the sun was shining the week I went to bed without a duvet, the birds were singing at 4am,
I awoke to dark skies, howling wind, torrential downpours and it continues to today. I have a cardigan on to keep warm.
Have I been asleep for some time .......or is it the School Summer Holidays?

28-07-17, 17:19
I know the above was posted in jest... but-

Welcome to the world of IH.

Wake up, look at the clock.
Look at the window to see if it's day or night.
Look at your phone to see what date it is, and if you have slept through one or two days.

Like everything else you get used to it.

28-07-17, 21:56
ITV weather forecast for tomorrow: overcast, rain, some sunshine.
Definitely daytime during the day, then.

29-07-17, 11:40
The weather up here on the North Coast of Scotland has, at least for me, been terrible. It has been SUN all and every day for the past 8 to 10 days. The temp in my Living Room with All windows and Doors open is 25C to 27C :cool:. Just too hot for me. Today it is the coolest it has been for sometime as it is a balmy 24C inside and 27C outside at our front door.

I will be happy when Autumn comes around, sigh!

29-07-17, 18:37
Have Taiwanese friends staying having to have the heating on .They have started to moan about the weather good old british summer time warm sunny in the morning .raining cats and dogs in the afternoon

29-07-17, 18:42
Kodiak wish I lived were you live

29-07-17, 19:06
That's perhaps a tiny bit warm if it's day in, day out, Kodiak. I turn do the heating up when it's 21° though.

29-07-17, 19:21
Kodiak wish I lived were you live

This where I live in the most northerly town on the UK Mainland that has a Train Station. At the moment, 7.23pm, the temp in the living room is 24.8C.


29-07-17, 20:27
Its a lovely part of the world were you live .I would love to live near the sea

29-07-17, 22:00
Its a lovely part of the world were you live .I would love to live near the sea

I can honestly say some of the beach's are fantastic, Farr Beach, Dunnet Beach and Strathy Beach to name just three. I live just 22 miles west of John O'Groat's which is famous for the Land's End to John O'Groats Charity Walks/Runs etc. Shortest distance between the two is 874 Miles.

Where I live in Thurso, Thurso Bay is used quite often for Surfing Competitions, here is a Pic of Thurso Bay with Dunnet Head in the background.


30-07-17, 01:32
Aye, but at this time of year it never goes dark up there. (Different story in winter when it never gets light).

I remember being in Tongue at this time of year, sat looking over the bay watching the sun go down over the horizon at 12:30 AM and come back up at 1:30 AM.

I like the North of Scotland, but I think I'll stick with North West Cumbria.
(Even here it gets light at about 3 AM this time of year).

PS. Nearly had a move of house to Dounreay once, but ended up doing the design from down here at Sellafield.

30-07-17, 09:27
Lovely I live just south of manchester .Good area I never lock my doors when I go out but the air pollution is horrendous and every green space has been built on despite that it is considered a desirable place to live and the house prices are high .Planning to move to Cornwall .where my daughter her husband and my 5year old grandson live .so I can see him grow up .Might take up surfing do you think they have specially adapted surfboards

30-07-17, 21:12
I remember being in Tongue at this time of year, sat looking over the bay watching the sun go down over the horizon at 12:30 AM and come back up at 1:30 AM.

Methinks you may have had a little too much of the Amber Nectar. At this time of year it gets dark about 10pm and then does not start to get light until 5am. As I type this it is quite dark outside. Even at the end of June, (Longest Day), it is never that light for that long.

The only place where it gets any where near that length of daylight is right at the tip of Shetland, Muckle Flugga, which is around 500 miles further north than Thurso. I am one of the few people who have lived on Muckle Flugga as there is nothing there on that rock except a Lighthouse. I was posted there as a Lighthouse Keeper in 1984. and even during the longest day the Navigation Light is on for nearly 3 hours that night.

31-07-17, 02:11
Nope, I remember it well.

It was 23 or 24 June 1988, stopped b&b for the night in a cottage up a track off the main road above the town.

It was actually the local registrars house and wedding banns were posted in the entrance hall.

And yes we were sat sampling some Glenmorangie and were very surprised to see what time it was when the sun went down and came up again.

Of course being up on the hill would make a big difference to being down at sea level.
The higher up you are the further away the horizon is.

01-10-17, 09:37
I will be happy when Autumn comes around, sigh!

07-10-17, 11:13
I never moan about cold weather anymore. My husband is a New Zealander. We have lived in both NZ and Australia. I was fit and able back then. I became a postie in Sydney. Trust me, delivering mail in 40 degree heat is a nightmare. I craved cold weather. Since coming back here, I look forward to the changing seasons.

29-11-17, 17:00
Fantastic for kite flying too, they have tandem and adapted kite buggying, you'll be whizzing down the beach.


28-10-19, 16:47
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