View Full Version : Tatton Park Flower Show July 2017

20-07-17, 17:30
It's that time of the year again!

I'm booked in for this Sunday 23 July 2017.

This year I am hiring one of their scooters on site as I'm taking a friend who's bringing a picnic. And I can load a scooter with bags, coats and bulbs.

I know that the tickets aren't cheap but it's a little flowery indulgence. I'm going very early so if you're going and see a Chinese lady by a mobility scooter then that'll be me sat down - just hope that the weather holds out.

23-07-17, 17:11
We went to Gardeners World Live in May. Lots of pics taken, actually saw a woman using a Trekinetic! And stopped yet again! and asked about the Lightdrive.

23-07-17, 20:19
Here's a few snapshots on the day




26-07-17, 19:53
Looks like you had a good time did you get any plants ?

26-07-17, 21:18
We went on the last day that finishes at 5pm as all the flowers are sold off cheaply at 4pm

No flowers but 8 giant Allium bulbs for £20 - the flower head is purple and the same diameter as a crown green bowl. They'll go with the other 8 I have by the front gate. The stalks can grow to chest height. I'll get them planted in early November to flower in late May early June.


27-07-17, 15:24
Would you have to support them ? they look gorgeous ,think I will look online and get some sent they will look lovely planted in front of my picture window everything there is blue and purple with a dash of red

31-07-17, 19:12
No they don't need supporting. They are part of the onion family. Giganteum Allium. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=allium+giganteum&tag=mh0a9-21&index=aps&hvadid=11977523895&hvqmt=b&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_2f2i3xiw00_b

19-09-17, 22:01
A flower that I would recommend fr masses of flowers even now in September are Micklemus Daises. Presently my front border is awash with a lavender coloured daisy plant!!

Bulb planting time soon - shame I can't manage it myself!