View Full Version : A good reason to leave the bushes.

16-06-17, 15:53
I have a very large St John's Wort bush in my front garden, it's just started blooming but is overhanging the path. I was about to attack it with the shears when I noticed something hidden amongst the twigs.
A blackbird has set up home and is currently nesting.
I've left well alone and will wait for the babies to leave the nest before gardening :)

17-06-17, 08:07
We disturbed a nest during this week, maybe a starling or thrush. Mom cut the hedge back and exposed it before seeing it. It had one little blue-green egg in it. She put the nest back into the bush where it would be hidden again and hoped the owner didn't notice it had been moved.

13-07-17, 07:46
We've hacked the bushes, quite frankly because they were tree like, laurel, holly and ash. And far too big for a tiny garden. The previous tenant was severely disabled, and I'm guessing garden care wasn't important to the landlord. I say we hacked, we paid a fella to come and use brute force and take the stuff away.

Its being replaced, with, climbers, dwarf flowering and fruiting trees and shrubs and plenty of opportunities for bees, bugs and birds to nest if they wish:)

The surrounding area is 'forest glade' in among the houses, one of the most diverse environments for wildlife:)

13-07-17, 09:39
I'm pleased to say all the babies have left the nest, another generation of Blackbird, Starling and House Martin have survived thanks to our garden.

13-07-17, 14:27
How lovely to have gardens full of birds! We had lots here when we moved in, far more than we ever saw when we lived in the countryside until a couple of months ago, but unfortunately we have a cat...now there are fewer birds. Although the cat does not actually eat birds she is predatory and terrorises them. She even hung around in our young kippies' nesting box until the people spotted her there, and although they could beat her in a fight, they were full of trepidation when it was time for them to go to bed, in case there was still a "monster in their bedroom".