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21-05-17, 19:25
What would you classify as stress at work? And what would you advise someone who might be struggling because of their disability please?

22-05-17, 10:25
Exesssive work load, dead line targets to meet etc, id contact your manager to discuss your concerns, or if that fails a union rep if applicable.

22-05-17, 11:43
Thank you for your reply - I actually meant "what signs would a stressed person exhibit", not "what causes stress"?

22-05-17, 12:41
The Health and Safety Executive has a useful guide on work related stress, which includes a page on typical signs/indicators:

Don't forget to look at the other pages on the menu to the left of that page, which deal with tackling stress.

25-05-17, 10:26
could be anything that makes you stressed at work. For me it was excessive work loads, and poor attitude from management.

Whilst I don't have a dyspraxia diagnosis, I do have it in medical reports that I display symptoms. cant be diagnosed officially because of existing ASD diagnosis. 1 of the symptoms being that itll slow me down and make it difficult working in a "fast paced environment". I was constantly in the managers office being criticised for my "attitude" for not speeding up and working faster.

I was stuck in an impossible position. They weren't sacking me for my working pace, although itd been threatened multiple times. If id walked out, id have been sanctioned by jobcentre and unable to claim anything. Only choice left was being signed off work by my GP.

Some employers are better than others. ive worked in "fast paced environments" where ive been constantly criticised for my pace, and others where its never been a problem. Just hard to know if its a good employer before accepting the job. If you cant afford to quit, id be looking for another job. I had a long battle against DWP to get esa and pip after leaving that job. Spent over a year living on £70 ESA assessment rate. Resulted in defaulting on several debts, and still today leaves me heavily in debt.

06-06-17, 07:55
One thing that I am constantly seeing is that people are over stimulated and unable to rest. This is why I am recommending that everyone become practitioners of Living Strength because Living Strength will guide you back to yourself and help you to reconnect to yourself and your divine purpose for being here.

06-06-17, 10:36
Thank you for your reply - I actually meant "what signs would a stressed person exhibit", not "what causes stress"?

Perhaps irritable, a little abrupt, wanting to isolate themselves from comrades, perhaps short tempered, fidgety, unkempt clothing, not eating properly - comfort eating.

They need to chill out - get out for fresh air, exercise, eat fresh fruit and salads. Have a word with their manager to see if the work can be prioritised or shared.