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27-04-17, 20:09
Hi all,
Just a simple question , are people that have addictions like alcohol and drugs. Also people who are overweight getting accessed for PiP too.
Not that there is anything wrong with that, just wondered because it might mean thats why it takes so long if we are all in the system.

27-04-17, 20:33
If anyone applies, they will be assessed the same as people with any other problem who apply. Fair's fair and the UK is civilized, though it would be better if the system could cope instead of being full of excuses and politics.

28-04-17, 00:43
Thanx Biscuitgrazer you are so right . I think the government have made a big fat hairy mistake . its so not fair life none of us expect to be become disabled in life in what ever way. Some of us have life changing accidents and cannot cope with things.
Others are born that way as an ex Social worker working with Disabled Children completely understands. Others needs extra thing to help them though what ever happens in life. whether its alcohol. drugs or food.
Think DWP/ Government don't realize how many of us are out there, or maybe they do. Most of us don't to be like this.

Sorry Im so fed up .

28-04-17, 01:14
It is maddening. Are things going better for you now, murf53?

28-04-17, 12:28
You cannot claim PIP and/or ESA for alcoholism or drug adiction, the law/rules are quite clear on this.

It's one of those 'urban myths' that you can do, probably because-

You may be able to claim PIP and/or ESA if your long term alcoholism or addiction causes further health problems that then affect your capabilities.
(Cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, brain damage, etc.)

So you are claiming based on the damage caused, not based on the alcoholism or drug addiction itself.

I don't think that obesity as a particular condition is mentioned anywhere in the legislation or guidelines.

PS. another urban myth that you hear a lot but is just not true-
"Alcoholics and druggies get extra JSA/ESA to pay for their beer and drugs".

They may, in some circumstances, get an extra payment from the social fund, which is run by the councils, but not from the DWP.

It's always a 'friend of a friend' who has evidence of these myths.

These myths are in the same class as- "All disabled people get given a free car by the government".
Simply not true, but it's surprising how may people believe it.

28-04-17, 18:18
Thanx all, not sure what to believe at all , so many myths. Not that it matters we are all going through it.