View Full Version : been on ESA 3 years, wanted to work but finding it hard.

06-04-17, 06:52
I'm in the support group of ESA. I want to go back to work but there's no support. I have put my details into every charity shop but I haven't heard anything. I'm scared I'm going to get a full time job and just break down from the sudden change. I barely leave my flat unless my partners with me which is once or twice a week. My partner has just got his security badge but we cant live on just his wage when he gets a job. I have had one job that I loved but no references as everyone I worked with has moved on. I feel so stuck, I just want my life back.

06-04-17, 07:33
Have you got a local carer support centre
They are usually crying out for help
They could start you off with something basic,like arranging books,and making tea
Then as your confidence grows you could move on to answering the phone
There would also be good contacts there for chatting about your circumstances and being signposted elsewhere,when the time is right.
Best of luck

07-04-17, 08:26
There's nothing that I know of. There seems to be a massive lack of support for anything here. I've been on waiting list for counselling for 2 years now , there's no funding for it or anything I don't think. And I wouldn't know where to look for support centres. I asked a few care homes but they won't take on without qualifications or experience.

07-04-17, 09:42
HI Underdog,

What is it that you are looking to do?

Being in Support Group says that you are not realy capable of working, but of course some things could be done.

Volunteering is a good place to start to see just what you can manage without the pressure of having to attend if you can't make it.

Of course volunteer work does not pay, but it can build your confidence and shows that you can do work if/when you start looking for paid employment.

Try putting your postcode into one or more of these websites, they will give a list of organisations who want volunteers in your area, and what work they need doing.

07-04-17, 09:43
It sounds like you are looking for paid work to support both of you?
You are limited to earning around £120 a week on ESA and MUST tell DWP about any work either paid or unpaid.
It's clear your confidence has been knocked and you sound quite despondent.
The great news is that there is something out there for you!

I'm also in the support group and am not physically capable of doing manual work but that doesn't mean I can't do other work - even with me having multiple complex needs. I couldn't hold down even a part time job
so I went down the voluntary route.
It took me 6 months to find a suitable voluntary job then I never looked back!
Do think about what skills you have, how you will travel, hours and days you are available and keep your options open.
You are in the support group so you must find something that doesn't contradict your reason for claiming esa. I'd stay away from installing satellite dishes and TV aerials! Roofing maintenance, building houses, building roads, being an Olympic diver, sprinter, etc.
I worked in a care home for a couple of years which involved chatting to residents, singing, reading, crafts etc. I had the time of my life and found I could relate to people in a way that others couldn't as I have my own experience of being severely disabled.
I now volunteer at a local special school with similar activities with profoundly disabled children. I have been made very welcome and hope to do this as long as I'm able. I've made friends with the staff and it has opened up my social life and given me a real confidence boost and purpose.
Do write down what hobbies and interests you have and have a look online at the type of work you might like to do.
I've heard people say "There are no voluntary jobs". This is nonsense as many places don't advertise voluntary work but plenty of organisations will welcome the extra help. If you have enthusiasm and motivation then you are half way there already.

Best wishes

07-04-17, 09:57
Your voluntary work sounds extremely rewarding rasy

07-04-17, 10:02
Thanks so much deebee. I worked with children previously but not special needs. I think that it's really important for all children to see adults with disabilities working in the community. I find the children are very accepting as well as the staff. It's the Easter holidays at the moment but I can't wait to go back!

sea queen
07-04-17, 10:11
Have you considered being a 'buddy' to someone

07-04-17, 12:10
My end goal is a paid job but I don't think that's possible right now until I get back to doing something. My ESA was for mental health issues which has gotten a bit better but being stuck inside doing nothing everyday doesn't help. Every place I ask wants references but I don't have any, and I cant get any with out working. It feels like I'm stuck in a catch 22. Even a few hours a week I would be happy. Just to push my comfort zones and get into a better habit. Idly I want TO work with numbers but I dropped out of college years ago so I don't have qualifications either.

I would be a buddy but I don't know who to go to to ask.

sea queen
07-04-17, 12:37
Check in your area to see if you have a volunteer organisation if you have ask them what there is out in your area for you. x

07-04-17, 12:50
It's really important that you change your mindset to being positive.
I know it can be a bit overwhelming but you need to think in terms of a "can do" approach and not "I'd like to.. but.."
Have you thought of going to college to gain some basic qualifications, even part time? Finding out about what's on offer is a start. Give them a call and ask if you could arrange to come in and speak to someone.
Have a look into organisations who help people find voluntary work.
Are there any social groups you could join?
Ok you might not do everything at once but you need to take small steps in order to go somewhere. I went down a few avenues but took the chance in meeting some really interesting people and I enjoyed hearing about different opportunities.
You need to make the first move.
I read a lovely thing once - can't remember where but I wrote it down:
"Those who wish to sing always find a song".

Good luck!

08-04-17, 03:18
I've applied for college. They said because of my English skills I would have to do a 10week course and pay £50 a week before I can do any other course. It's unaffordable for me and sounds like a scam tbh but I am too far away from any other college.

08-04-17, 08:31
Your English seems good to me? Surely that type of course should be free if you need help? £50 a week seems like a scam I agree!!!
Many courses are free if you are on certain income related benefits.
Can you talk to someone else at the college?

16-10-17, 09:12
Check in your area to see if you have a volunteer organisation if you have ask them what there is out in your area for you.