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26-02-17, 01:06
I don't know if I can do this here, I read the faq and found nothing
anyway, I'm doing a survey and if any of you can help me, that would be great


If I said something that sounded offensive feel free to let me know, english is not my native language and I may have said something rude without knowing it

27-02-17, 22:54
What is the purpose of your survey?

28-02-17, 04:10
What is the purpose of your survey?

I have to do a prototype for an app for a small project for one class, part of the process is getting some info

the app is like those of restaurants with reviews but it is aimed at the accessibility a place have for disabled people

28-02-17, 09:57
Hi doctorHolmes, I think you need to edit your survey a little.

If you were at a UK university you'd need to have ethical approval for such a survey - do you have that?

You need to make it very clear, on the survey why you want to know the information that you ask and what it will be used for, whether it is anonymous, how the data will be handled.

I only got as far as the 'do you have any studies' question, this doesn't translate well into English, do you mean 'do you have any qualifications'?