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07-01-17, 02:50
My name is Alex, a 2nd year student in the road to creating a start-up that creates flat pack wheelchairs with an aim to make wheelchairs affordable and available for everyone. But I need help, you , the people, by voicing testimonials of how companies or organisiontios have helped,or more so not helped!

Who here has ever had to deal with companies or organisations that state that they are going to provide you with a wheelchair, but their words took too long to turn into actions or even worse, it did no not materials at All. Leaving you having to locate a suitable chair yourself?

Who here has been injured and looked for a temporary wheelchair only to find that you're going to have to fork out much more than you hoped for?

Be sure to watch this space for updates.
My email is industrialdesign.brooke@gmail.com if you wish to contact me.

07-01-17, 08:17
Don't really understand the angle of this post. Most people here IF they use a chair, it is not temporary. There are very very many manufacturers out there. Go to an event like Naidex to see some.
And by "flat pack", I think you mean folding?

07-01-17, 10:54
If people need a wheelchair for a few hours they can hire one from Shopmobility.

If someone needed to hide a wheelchair for a few months they can from the Red Cross for free or for a £20 donation.

I have a flat pack or foldable lightweight wheelchair - even the wheels are quick release and take 2 seconds to remove.

So what's your angle.