View Full Version : does voluntary work effect benifits?adv

02-01-17, 21:15
I receive pip.i used to work until I was in a car accident a few years back.i would like to try and maybe do some voluntary work 1 day a week and try and get my life back to normal.i have ptsd/dissociation and suspected complex seizures
I currently see a cbt therapist and will ask her when I see her in a few weeks.but I just wanted to know if anyone has done this?
who do I go to for help/advice?

Rob the cripple
28-02-17, 11:43
Yes you can so long as you do not do more then you should, remember you must report any changes to your conditions. If your getting benefits because your in a wheelchair and suffer pain lets say, so long as you use a wheelchair within the criteria of Pip's or DLA your fine .

I've done a lot of voluntary work over the years, it's fine

06-03-17, 16:01
PIP is also payable to people in paid work, it is not an out of work benefit as such, where ESA is paid to those deemed not fit for work following a F2F farce AKA WCA( work capability assessment ) Some people still do some voluntary work , but it's best practice that whatever you do decide to do is consistent with why you are claiming, as if it isn't this could put your claim in jeopardy certainly in the case of ESA

06-03-17, 20:27
Some excellent replies. I agree Voluntary work will not adversely affect your disability benefits as long as you tell DWP what you are doing, where you are working and what hours per week and if you are earning or getting any expenses. This way if you are reported by anyone they will already know that you are a volunteer. There are specific rules and you are not allowed to work more then 16 hours a week.
As others have suggested on here it is very important that your voluntary work does not Involve activities that could jeopardise your claim.
As a full time wheelchair user myself I would unfortunately have to turn down being a stunt double for a local tv company, being a tightrope walker at a circus, or a human cananball, working on a building site, roofing repairs, tv Ariel and satellite dish installer, HGV driver, life guard at a beach etc unless they were all wheelchair accessible but that's another story!