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21-12-16, 22:38
Hi, I'm just wanting a little advice please. I could have the opportunity of a part time job of 15 hrs per week which is over 5 days and the wage would be £108.20 per week.

Now my partner claims ESA for both of us as he is unable to work..we receive £115 a week ESA and Carers Allowance of £62 per week which I receive to care for my partner. my partner also receives £450 month DLA. we receive housing benefit of £89 per week but that is paid direct to council.

Now my question is would I be better with the part time job or would we lose some of the money. would we have to pay rent/council tax etc. all I was told is that we would lose £30 ESA per week but not sure if we'd have to pay rent and more council tax.

Thank you in advance.