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17-12-16, 13:22

I wanted to ask for some much needed help and advice.

I am currently receiving PIP and WTC as I am self employed and mainly work from home not making much to be honest
next to nothing.

My care team have mentioned I am entitled to ESA but never looked into it as I don't want to go through all the
assessments, paperwork and stress of it all, as the PIP was so much work just to get that and took me a long time.

I am receiving Working Tax Credit and classed as self employed, making less than £50 a week
sometimes not even making anything, would this be a problem if i was to claim ESA as well?

My carer told me that I would already be in the DWP system due to me receiving PIP and would definetely be entitled
as I get enhanced rate for both the care component and mobility components.

I rather ask a forum as I don't want to cause any disruption or problems to what I receive already.

Many thanks
DavidB - East Midlands

19-12-16, 12:21
You would get at least £102 a week if awarded ESA, more if you are awarded Support Group.

You would lose the WTC because you cannot work more than 16 hours a week when claiming ESA. (and you have to do above 16 to get WTC).

You would still be able to do up to 16 hours as 'Permitted Work'.

Of course ESA means reassment every so often; (and Work Focused Interviews, etc if you are put in WRAG).