View Full Version : Pointsettia

sea queen
17-12-16, 13:01

This is my last Years Poinsettia looking a bit sparse but still growing Red Leaves

21-12-16, 08:32
Looking lovely! The red leaves can always be brought back, even after it's gone green, by keeping it in the dark for 14 hours a day between the beginning of September and Christmas.

21-12-16, 09:51
that,s lovely!
I have never got one to ssurvive the year
Since I have moved house though, my plants are doing much better, and the african violet that I was given just over a year ago has survived,and flowered twice
Maybe I might try again with one of these

sea queen
31-12-16, 12:20
I have found a place which suits the plant.
It's in the downstairs bathroom on the window sill which gets a little sunshine but not that much. I always let it go really dry before watering it.
It is the longest I have kept one for and so will put it in the dark as Biscuitgazer suggested.

This years which daughter gave me will not survive I fear as I watered it and it was left standing in it - not good - they don't like it !!

If it survives I will let you know, but not holding my breath!! :(