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03-04-12, 12:57
HI i am a new member and was asked to join by the DLF. I am a disabled gardener with lots of advice to give not only on your garden, what to plant and what to do but also on how to keep enjoying your garden whatever your health issue may be. Please feel free to ask me questions or ask for advice. You can also follow me on my garden blog at www.nikipreston.com

I look forward to making new friends and hopefully giving you all some great advice.


03-04-12, 18:29
Welcome to the dark side!

Now, what advice do you have for someone who cannot out up raised beds, etc, because they will get stolen or damaged?

28-04-12, 01:17
Haha I've got an answer to that one Stephen - prickly plants ;)

12-11-12, 14:38
Hello niki !

I am currently studying Mechanical and Product design at Manchester Metropolitan University, in the process of writing my dissertation on Garden equipment design and the user.
I would like to aim my project at the use of garden equipment by the elderly and disabled, the end of result of my project will hopefully be a new design for a product that will help gardeners suffering with a disability.

Looking at your blog it is clear your love for gardening despite your difficulties, i feel you would be perfect to help with this project !

Currently in the research stage of my project i need to make contact with as many people as possible to obtain a greater understanding of the difficulties people such as yourselves experience whilst performing gardening tasks.
I would love if you could please get in contact with me through email so we could talk further.


Kind Regards

James Osborne

01-05-13, 17:12
Also , I wish I could afford the raised beds. I think there astronomical the prices around Guildford