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30-03-12, 09:33
Just a heads up for anyone in the Anglian/Severn trent water area.
The hosepipe ban is coming into effect on 5/6 April.I have checked there web site and people with severe mobility problems or are Blue Badge holders are excempt from the ban.I don't know if anyone of you out there are keen gardeners but it will save humping watering cans about.

30-03-12, 16:26
I do not use much in the garden, but nice to know. I am not in that area anyway, lol. Could be heading our way anyway as we are now in a drought too. I think we still have to be careful though, save what we can where we can. I am old enough to remember that last serious drought & standpipes. God knows how some disabled people would manage then. Best we try prevent it if we can.

31-03-12, 12:44
I live in severn and trent area and have 4 reservoirs within a few miles of where i live and all 4 are full to bursting with water .Probably the southern half of the region that is using more than their fair share . Every year the south of England especially the south east have water shortage problems . The answer is create more reservoirs there must be valleys to be dammed and quarries/gravel pits to fill with water . They may have all the money darn sarf but what use is money if you have no water and those who have the water are not prepared to sell you any. Foeward preperation and planning prevents p**s poor performance . Why pay water rates down there when the one thing the people you pay the water rates to can not supply is an adequate amount or water .

Up here we may be poor but we have gallons and gallons of liquid gold aka Water

01-04-12, 22:35
Well we're due for rain and snow on Tuesday - no hosepipe ban here! In fact United Utilities have outline future plans to build a pipe to ship our water to the SE! We get our soft water from Thirlmere Lake in the Lake district.

02-04-12, 09:59
I think we've got more than enough here in Wales as well. mind you we would want paying if we shipped anymore to England :D

02-04-12, 18:22
They said no as it would cost too much. I think Wales needs it, to keep their sheep happy :D

03-04-12, 11:23
Well it's been raining here all day.

03-04-12, 11:30
Yes I've just come back from using a tricycle around an outdoor running track. It's raining on and off and about 8C - my left hand turned into what feels like a block of ice!!

sea queen
03-04-12, 11:36
I think we may be included in this ban. I will be using a washing up bowl for pots so I can tip the water onto my bushes.

03-04-12, 18:30
This rain is not even a teaspoon compared to what is needed.

03-04-12, 21:16
You've been lucky Stephen, its been torrential this side of the pennines

03-04-12, 21:20
It's now snowing here!!

sea queen
04-04-12, 16:18
We have had heavy snow today so that will put a bit back in resas

12-05-12, 11:19
I have just spoken to Thames Water and blue badge holders are exempt from the hose pipe ban for watering plants and lawns.You do have to register with them though.Their site does say if you are not a blue badge holder but are disabled to contact them for advice. The person I talked to said I could hose down my patio and the two steps into my garden as they are covered in moss as it's health and safety.