View Full Version : Help - Winter Flowering Pansies

02-10-16, 14:10
A week ago I started some seeds off in the greenhouse and kept them covered so they are in the dark. They are just beginning to germinate so when do I take the covering off to let them develop enough for me to put them into plugs? I do not want to lose them.
Possibly I have set them too late but I couldn't do it earlier.

Any advice please

02-10-16, 15:19
Once there are green leaves showing they're best in the light, so that they can photosynthesise and make their own food. Need to protect them from frost though whilst they're so fragile.

02-10-16, 17:01
I realise that they need light so I will remove the covering once leaves appear. Am going to put the greenhouse heater on if there is any sign of frost. Thank you.

04-10-16, 16:10
Let em get to a few inches high before you take covering off. Still cover up at nights, it does go colder then doesn't it? Well it does round my way!

05-10-16, 14:29
It gets cold here too, will be using the heater in the greenhouse

10-10-16, 17:36
The main thing to avoid is excess damp and cold, which are not seedlings friends:)

11-10-16, 14:22
Thank you, trusting them to my hubby as I am not at home at the moment, just hoping he doesn't let them die off