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28-09-16, 12:22
I have a internal job interview on Monday. My disability means that my speech is not clear and I find it difficult to judge the volume. I am worried because I think they are only interviewing me out of sympathy especially as I know one of the other candidates already works for one of the interviewers. I completed my application clearly and carefully, making sure that I gave examples for all the things on the Job Advert and I got two people to review it before I sent it. I have a form to complete if I have any special needs for the interview. My manager is well aware of my disability and doesn't have a problem with it. The people on the panel know me but not very well so I think they are pre-judging me and probably not in a good way.

Any one have any suggestions on good interview technique and what I should put on the form so they have to look past my disability and consider me on my ability to do the job?

01-10-16, 08:59
Hi Charlie Bear, put the negative thoughts our of your head

You've got an interview, which means you have a chance of getting the position.

Be yourself

Be positive, sell you self, tell them why THEY need you

One thing a good friend of mine pointed out to me was that when I talked about other things I made good eye contact, as soon as asked about myself / my abilities I looked down. Remembering that in the interview made a big difference and allowed me to remind myself each time to look up and be positive.

Help the interviewers to forget your disabilities and focus on what you CAN DO.

Good luck!

01-10-16, 13:35
Wether you get the post or not, you have been selected for interview because you meet the required criteria, which giges you an equal chance. If someone else already works in the dept,then yes they may get the post, but not because of your disability. If someone did get the post and you felt you had better skills etc you could query it under disability discrimination.
Good luck with the interview and be positive x

03-10-16, 08:52
hi good luck with the job interview on monday regards

03-10-16, 10:47
Remember that you already fit the Person Specification so you're the right person for the job.

What they'll be wanting to know is how you'll fit in with the existing team.

A prime question that will be asked is ' what can you bring to the team'. Use your disability as an example e.g. you can see things differently to the team being a disabled person - brings a new perspective.

Don't get stressed out about the interview as they want you to succeed too.

Do a little bit of research - find out what are this team's core objectives - why do they exist. Sounds impressive if you know what they get up too.