View Full Version : Are you up for the challenge?

26-08-16, 09:12
Shaw Trust has teamed up with Barclays, and a number of other charities, to find innovative solutions to accessibility challenges for the Makerchange Event. The event will see people with the best ideas bought together in London, alongside technology experts, to design, build and create prototypes of new gadgets and gizmos that overcome a series of everyday, real life challenges.

Are you a disabled person who has an idea for improving an everyday challenge? Do you support clients who might want to invent something to improve their life? Or perhaps you’re a staff member who has come up with an accessibility innovation? An example could be relying on someone else to help carry a hot drink, difficulty in using a remote control or not having a sturdy enough case for your phone or tablet.

We’re calling for people to submit their ideas to makerchange@shaw-trust.org.uk (mailto:makerchange@shaw-trust.org.uk) by 9th September. You can also submit any questions via this route. Please promote this to your clients, it’s a great opportunity.