View Full Version : Help with employment tribunal

17-08-16, 10:28
Hi, I am currently involved in an employment tribunal against my former employer, and was recently judged to have a disability under the equality act 2010, that being depression and anxiety.

I am currently going through a very bad bout of my illness, and I'm due back in court sometime in the next month, an idea that fills me with dread!

Has anyone here had any experience with this sort of thing, and is there anyway for me to request a delay in the hearing, as I'm really not up to it just now. I have been mostly self represented throughout this whole ordeal, which has been dragging on for more than a year now, and I only recently engaged the services of a solicitor, but it's very expensive to pay him by the hour to deal with such issues, so if I can get this taken care of myself, that would be ideal.

Apologies for the lengthy first post, I couldn't see anywhere for me to introduce myself on the forum.

18-08-16, 22:05
Sorry, no experience. Do you have a union rep who could advise you? Or free legal advice with your home insurer? You need legal advice on this.