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11-07-16, 15:31

I would like to have your feedback on the JobCentre Plus.
I would like to know if it was useful and helpful for you.
Did you get good advice?

11-07-16, 16:17
Useless totally useless , they always have been , out of all the jobs i have done only 1 was through the JC and i was a naive 17yr old then, and jobs were easier to find back then

12-07-16, 01:04
Very poor, often offensive, obstructive, usually not very bright.

Once they know you were once an HEO though, they treat you rather differently.

Changes over the last few years mean they don't have time to help you, & the grades you meet don't pay well at all so they have no incentive to help either.

Get advice elsewhere if you need it. Get a job by using the web & phoning around for yourself.

12-07-16, 15:24
That's a bit of a leading question.

Did you have a particular reason for asking it?
(Student project/survey, etc).

Or were you hoping for something else?
(ie. to start an argument).