View Full Version : Do you use crutches? We need your help!

13-06-16, 14:57
Hi everyone,

We are a group of five university students conducting market research for a small biotech company that produces medical devices, specifically for people who use crutches.

We want to better understand the wants and needs of crutch users, and we would love to hear what you have to say. Your input will help us design a better product that solves the problems that matter to you most.

If you use crutches of any kind, please follow the link below to complete a short survey, and if you’re willing to participate in a short Skype interview, send us an email to presip8@gmail.com. Thanks!


** If you know anyone that uses crutches, please send them the link. Thanks! :)

18-06-16, 21:56
I hate crutches so much I don't want to even help improve them as I'll have to think about them