View Full Version : Financial assistance - is there any to help return to work

10-04-16, 17:38
My husband is on PIP and ESA support group but wishes to try to get back to work. The problem is we have no savings and he would need work clothes, money to pay for a course etc to allow him to do a driving job which would be okay for his disability. I can't find any info at all. Can anyone help?
Also I want to return to work but need an outfit for interviews.
Any suggestions welcome,

11-04-16, 08:08
Check out this link


Access to Work


11-04-16, 19:25
If it's for new clothing then you might also consider a Budgeting Loan if you have been on an Income Related benefit for six months or more.


Now is the best time of year to apply whilst they still have their full allowance to allocate.

It does have to be paid back, usually by deductions from your benefit, but it is interest free.

12-04-16, 15:50
Thank you both have filled in a budgeting loan application and will post off tomorrow. Just great to get your help. Thank you!!!