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29-03-16, 18:13

The small startup I’m working with is working on a project that we’d love your feedback on. We have designed an adapter that allows people with disabilities to connect to technology using their own assistive tech (buddy buttons, wheelchair joysticks, head arrays, etc.). We think our device works well, but we want to make sure that before we move forward that we’ve included all of the things people with disabilities are looking for and need.

Is this the right place to talk about this?

31-03-16, 06:49
Contact me via my signature and I'll put you in touch with another forum who can help.

31-03-16, 16:27
Thanks, Paul. I just sent you a contact request, so hopefully I'll be able to write you a message, soon.

For others that are viewing, I'm curious to know what kinds of assistive technology you use to connect to and control consumer technology. Do you find that there are enough options available?