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14-03-16, 20:44
Hi I have been doing a job for 6 months, was upgraded to help cover staff off but said due to my illness would see how I get on, the job was going per entry so had to apply, but because I asked for part time due to my illness I never got the job, was told by my boss that was the reason, they also asked me in my interview what my disability is!!! My friend says I should take this matter further, just don't know if got the energy.

14-03-16, 22:52
aWorking art-time in the Public Sector isn't a problem. f you were working in a company with a handful of people is another issue5.

The fact that they asked you what your disability is rings bells

They obviously haven't heard of the 'social model of disability'
There key staff haven't had Disability Awareness Training.

It's an 'educational issue'.

31-03-16, 07:14
From the employer's point of view, perhaps that job could not be completed by someone part-time? Had you been working in the role part-time before you officially applied for it?

In future never mention disability or illness in a job interview in a negative way, always show the positives - less general sickness, a willingness to work, etc. If you can, don't mention it. The press have made disability into a negative, and made us to look like workshy scroungers!

Due to your disability you could have asked for a reasonable adjustment AFTER you were offered the job.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing that the person who did get the job wasn't actually the best person for the role?

I suppose in an interview, if you have said that you would like to take the role part-time because of an illness. They have been employing you full-time and have not known about an illness/disability, then perhaps you should have told them about it previously? They may have asked to see if they could accommodate it within a full-time role with adjustments - to give them the benefit of the doubt?

02-04-16, 13:48
They are not allowed to ask if you have a disability until they offer you a job. Afterwards it's best within your interests to let them know. Some employers ask you to fill in occupational health forms. If you mention things on them they should be confidential but without saying anything you would not really be able to ask for adjustments I doubt.