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19-02-16, 15:48
We are currently looking for pairs of contestants for the new series of the hit BBC1 TV game show ‘Pointless’ and I am very keen to reach out to people of all backgrounds and abilities to see if they may be interested. Online applications are now open and auditions are happening right now all so it would be great to receive applications as soon as possible! Please feel free to get in touch for more info.

Four pairs of contestants will be pitted against each other as their general knowledge skills are put to the test. We would like to hear from pairs of people who think they can take up the challenge!

Can you name a President of the United States? Can you name a Top 40 single released by Madonna? Can you name a capital city beginning with the letter ‘B’? If so, you could be in with a chance of winning thousands of pounds!

Nationwide auditions are taking place now and we would love to speak to anyone who may be interested!

If interested, please visit: http://www.pointlessapplications.com/ to apply!


19-02-16, 19:17
Whilst I do enjoy watching Pointless now and again there is a potential problem.
It's not just Pointless, it's any prize you might win.

If you win more than £6,000 on a quiz show (or from anywhere) then any income related benefits you are getting will be affected.

Just something to bear in mind.

29-02-16, 00:14
Prize Money on this show is nominally low, much lower than most other game shows, from what I've seen it averages about £5000 for first (main) prize and that's between two contestants.
So I don't think people should worry unduly on that score, though I do think it would prove to be an incredibly enjoyable day out for those that may be able to take it up.