View Full Version : Whats everyone got planned for 2016, if anything

18-01-16, 17:18
Any gardening plants, new plants, projects, or generally plondering onness for 2016?

For me, hopefully at some point a new patch, in the meantime, some seeds, cuttings and replanting of troughs! and a lot of work in the family garden!

18-01-16, 17:30
Hoping to grow my own bedding plants this year, bought a greenhouse heater, seed trays and the seeds. I haven't got green fingers so just hoping that I get some results. A learning curve for me now I have an accessible garden.
Looking forward to seeing the results, if any.

Also hoping to be able to get affordable travel insurance now age plus the pre existing medical conditions are against me so I can continue to feed my itchy feet and go in search of the sun and places I would still like to visit.

07-03-16, 18:06
Have to say I'm pleased with the tomatoes.. Well in advance this year chilling in the greenhouse.

Bedding, need to sow some annuals

@beau.. for travel insurance try Freedom insure

See also a generic list of for pre existing medical conditions.


07-03-16, 18:43
Thank you for that. Have tried some on the list and extortionate prices coming up or they will not cover me. Heart problems and SAH plus acquired hydrocephalus really throws a spanner in the works.
Will try Freedom tomorrow.

Got some summer flowering bulbs coming, a special offer from Thomson & Morgan. Need to set my seeds also but will have to wait until Easter because we are taking our pooch away and I have no one to water them or set the heater going if temperatures should drop. At least the bulbs should give some colour until the bedding plants are ready to be put out much later than would be normal.

07-03-16, 20:24
Just tried Freedom and they won't cover me. Look like paying an arm and a leg if I want to travel. I am going to have to think very hard about travelling abroad now even though I feel so much better in a warm climate.

08-03-16, 13:39
A day in front of the judge (PIP Tribunal)

12-04-16, 10:34
Possible trip to B&Q with son. Can't go mad cuz (a) I might have to pay someone to do the hard graft and (b) got to get wheelchair plus purchases back in a taxi.......restrain yourself RD....

12-04-16, 11:09
Need to go to the supermarket today. Who is going to get wet through on the scooter?

12-04-16, 11:43
New windows and front door is the main project, followed up by some home automation.

Recently installed a Hive device to control the central heating from my phone. Next up is a doorbell and door opener, lighting and power sockets all connected to my router and controlled from my phone etc

12-04-16, 12:23
Make sure you have a good, strong password for the admin functions on your router, (and for the wifi connection itself).
You don't want some computer wizz being able to open your door at will from their phone.

Of the 3 routers I can pick up from home and have permission to use the wifi:

1 has no password at all on the admin, I can go in and change anything that I want to.
(It's the museum next door, handy if the internet or the router itself needs resetting when the museum is closed).

1 has the default name and password for admin.
(Took me less than a minute to get in to admin functions).

The other is passworded - I can get into the router, but can't access the admin settings without the password.
(But knowing who it belongs to and that they use 'soft' passwords I could probably get in in less than an hour if I wanted to).

12-04-16, 15:57
You are absolutely right nukecad and yes I do already. It always amazes me how many don't.

People will take care with keys, ensure doors are locked but when it comes to digital security people can be very lazy.

12-04-16, 16:17
What have I got planned for 2016

1 Change my password code which happens to be 'password'.

2 Get my garage door sorted out so I can at least shut it!

3 Having my car fitted with a car hatch hoist so I don't have to dismantle it each time I want to use my wheelchair with bolt-on motor.

4 In May getting a new bedhead delivered - I seem to get through metal headboards at an alarming rate!

5 In June my lodger says she's moving on so I think the rooms could do with a fresh lick of paint and look.

6 I want to try and get fitter - use it or lose it!

7 Want to get away for a few days - somewhere accessible and warm!

02-06-16, 09:40
I think you all got a bit off topic here. Its the GARDENING forum and the intial question was about plans for GARDENS IN 2016!!