View Full Version : What Happens to benefits if i start a business??

17-12-15, 21:44
Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong forum i wasn't sure where to post.

Any how what i need to know is, what would happen to my disability benefits (disability working allowance and support allowance) if i was to register as a sole trader and start trading full time all year around.
I have brought and sold up to the legal limit of 6 cars this year for a private individual

It was very difficult to get my benefits, so i would hate to do something that would be very difficult to undo.

Maybe i could get some advice on if they would all stop straight away/ some would be stopped or maybe just lowered.
Also would i need to pay council tax?

I know about national insurance and anything to do with starting a car business, just worried about my benefits if it goes belly up.

06-03-16, 01:02

I'm a sole trader and have been for about 12 years and I get a disability component to tax credits as well as working tax credits and council tax benefit. I have also been in receipt of DLA. It will depend on how successful you business is as to how much in work benefits you get. DLA and I think PIP aren't means tested. Financially I'm not sure I'm that much better off a bit but not loads but psychologically I'm soooooo much better off and with the way benefits are going it's probably no bad thing to give it a go.

Good luck with your business.