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15-12-15, 13:29
Hi there

I've create a 'light' working version of a site that would be similar to Trip Advisor, but contains accessibility reviews.

The ultimate vision is to make it possible for people with disabilities to research locations before they they travel, getting accurate information about whether the place meets their individual accessibility needs.

It's only just been 'born', so there are almost no reviews right now (there's needs to be an active community to make it useful)... but I'm wanting to find out whether there is a demand for this kind of service.

I'd love your feedback - https://bubble.is/site/accessibletripadvisor

Thank you in advance...

15-12-15, 17:13
The first thing I would do is to change the name before you get sued.

Large companies, especially large American companies, don't like you using their tradmarked name as part of your trading name.
(or website name, or forum name).

Remember the guy earlier this year who had 6 variations of Star-Wars.uk domain names registered (yes 6, he knew what he was doing).
He had to give them all up to Disney.

OK it's not going to happen straight away, but if you piggyback your website on their name they will notice and you will eventually have to give it up, at the least.

We had a similar thing at a forum that included part of the name of an international company.
They were aware of this for years, and some of their senior (very senior) employees were members.
However we decided to change the name, because it infringed their trademark.
Six months later we got a letter from their lawyers acknowledging that they had been aware of the infringement and were considering action when we changed it ourselves.
Because we had acted first they even agreed that we could keep the old domain name in use and redirect to our new name for six months.
(This redirect is still active 5 years on, the big company bought the domain name but never used it and left the redirect).

15-12-15, 17:57
As a (disabled) volunteer webmaster for a popular steam heritage railway that could receive comments on your site from some of our disabled passengers, I must suggest that your website is currently very bland. If it's going to be taken seriously it needs to be vastly improved to bring it up to a similar standard as the established 'Trip Advisor' website.

For users, I can assure you that disabled folk do not only go out to visit cinemas, garden centres, hotels, pubs, restaurants and theatres. I suggest that you either include the many hundreds of other categories of tourist venues (to name just 5 for example: ancient monuments, museums, public aquariums, tourist railways, wildlife parks, etc.).

For the targeted destinations to respond, you need to provide a simple 'search' facility to quickly and easily find all relevant comments appertaining to their venue, the ability to print on screen any user’s complete list of other postings, and most importantly the ability of each targeted attraction to respond to any user's comment as an addendum to the original post.

Part of my responsibility as a webmaster is to monitor the internet for comments about the organisation which I represent, and being honest I would not be inclined to waste my valuable time searching the various elements of your existing long winded database. Sorry.


16-12-15, 12:53
Once you have sorted out your naming issue, regarding using someone elses tradename, you may want to look at what platform this is to be used on.

At the moment it seems that you have used 'Bubble' for this.

Whilst this is reasonable for writing small apps for mobile devices, it is not realy intended for large sites on multiple platforms.
This shows if you access your app from a PC or laptop.

Programes and apps written in this way, using a 3rd party coding tool, tend to be very restricted in style and content.
You get stuck with their set of templates and so what they think websites should look like.
(chrisD touched on this when he described your website as 'bland').

You could look into a website builder that will give you more options than bubble, but again you will be using their templates, etc.

I would suggest that you look into teaching yourself HTML5 and CSS3, the coding and style behind modern websites.
This will give you many more options in developing your project.

They are not that hard to learn, I got a book from the library and had a website designed within a week.
There are free books and even free tutorials on line, here's just 2:
(I'm not promoting these, I have not looked at them. Just 2 that came off a quick search).
Download Free book (pdf) (https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjB1ZfKr-DJAhVI7xQKHXmECGcQFggkMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fmitseu.files.wordpress.com%2F201 4%2F08%2Fhtml5-and-css3-all-in-one-for-dummies-3rd-edition-andy-harris.pdf&usg=AFQjCNHYxPi72dNATpMSlmV-vYdCNjfs8Q)
Free online tutorials (http://www.html5andcss3.org/)

Oh, and once you have decided what name you are going to use you may like to get your own web domain.
You may be surprised at how cheap your own web presence can be.

eg. your own mytripapp.com domain for £1 /year,
or your own domain name, website builder, and personal email address (eg. ben@mytripapp.com) for £1 / month.
This is the top UK web hosting provider, take a look: (there are others just google 'web hosting')

Here is a review of their website builder in the £1/month package.