View Full Version : Have you ever wondered what your clutter could be worth?

10-11-15, 17:13
A major UK TV Broadcaster is looking for hoarders and clutterers who feel their life has been taken over by their compulsion to collect stuff AND would like to sell it.

The aim of the show is to help people realise how much money they could have lying around their house, by selling their clutter with the help from our experts, experienced in the world of antiques, recycling, upcycling and de-cluttering, to help decide what could make you money.

This is a brilliant opportunity for people who just can't get round to having a huge clear out, because we will be happy to do all the leg work for them and, more importantly, help them make cash out of their clutter.

The more clutter the better.

For more information please contact vanda.kettelhut@liontv.co.uk or call 0141 331 6430.