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05-11-15, 17:47
I am a final-year Product Design student at the University of Huddersfield, and I am currently researching the extra financial costs faced by those with a disability. The starting point of this research comes from statistics from DEMOS, Scope, and the Extra Costs Commission, that claim the average extra financial outlay for disabled people is £550 per month, with one-in-ten people paying over £1,000 extra per month.

Such extra expenditure comes from the cost of assistive technology, replacing everyday items such as clothes and shoes more often, higher utility bills, higher transport costs, and other related areas.

Research in this area will be used in the development of a new product design, or modification/redesign of an existing product, with the view to reduce the financial burden on the disabled community.

It would be of great benefit to my research if members of this forum would please fill out this quick confidential questionnaire regarding extra financial costs:


If you have any comments on extra expenditure in this area, or problem products that you view as over-priced or expensive, please post them in this thread, I would be very interested to hear them!

Thank you,

Christopher Dolman
University of Huddersfield

**Disclaimer** By posting a response to this thread you are consenting to any information you give potentially being used for academic research and the potential development of a new product design or modification/redesign. Your identity will be kept fully confidential. All research undertaken has the full approval of the University of Huddersfield and all ethical practices will be observed.